Friday, January 23, 2009

fit in

I think most girls find a common thing to stay 'in'.It's hard. I adjust myself a lot to be and fit in into the group that i am today.Some people consider it as adapting.But what actually differs adapting and force yourself to adapt? We have so many or in fact too many reasons why we want to stick and glued with certain group. I did and one of the reasons is because of the friendship thing. We never want to be alone. Friend is like everything. Of course way different with spouse or your dog..just whatever..

My sole respect goes for a person who could stand alone and go on.It is easy to say, yet hard to be accomplished. Not everything that we can let go and move forward. Sometimes, things got its own sentimental value, your attention and your life tagged with it. It requires strength and a big heart.

In certain 'fragile' thing, I'd tried to be out of dominant and stand up.Well, i did it.And you know what, it feels sucks.Too bad. I questioned myself a lot, Should i do that, should it be done that way, what about others, did I being mean? that okay..and all the stupid mind came across..

You think i feel happy that way??So much to fit in..


~ainun~ said...

i feel the same way.
try to fit in.
even now, i still arguing with dat feeling.
should I?
sometimes i just want to...standalone.

Anonymous said...

salute to those who can..
give a try..

green said...