Thursday, January 22, 2009

How many smile do you have?

Smile!You're in candid camera.!..okey..that's a common one
But have you ever wonder and ask yourself how many smile do you have and what makes it so?..

I have few smiles that i notice in myself, i think all of us have it too. For instance i have one smile meaning i agree, my whatever smile, my 'shut up and stop it' smile and so on.Well, the one i really like is a smile when i see someone i like..ngee..just like you doooo...

Whatever it is, smile is the world eighth wonders and the easiest gift to others. Nobody hates smile except for the harassment purposes.Eeeuuu..nasty..Counting a girl's smile is always a typical way to approach her.Did anyone watch 'win a date with tad Hamilton'?..well, you'll know..There's a smile that i love most, and it is from my late grandma, she has the loving adorable smile..and i miss that for such a while.And there's also a smile that i can't wait to see, it is from my dad. A smile from fierce, serious man..hoho..rare but unforgettable.

Below, I include some cool facts that you should know..

1. Smiling Lowers Blood Pressure. (Well now, it could. If not yours, mine.)

2. Smiling makes others want to be around you. (So be careful who you give the smiles to, if you get my drift.)

3. Smiling triggers hormone production. (I don't know that for sure myself but I read it and thought it sounded good enough to try, so if you do it and find it to be true, please let me know what happened if you can legally talk about it.)

4. Smiling is a good facial exercise. (Trust me, I've seen some faces who could use exercise. Yes?)

5. Smiling is Contagious. (Finally a good contagious disease you can get on the plane with and not be arrested if you spread it around. Who knew?

I write this article because i realized that i don't smile much enough nowadays..busy day..hectic it..just crap..huhu..

So, let us smile together..lalala~ and the world will smile with you!


muahahaha.. said...

dyh kiut!!!!
cmey la ko snyum...
kcik ja mta...
cm ank kucing...

green said...

hehe..comel ae..

~ainun~ said...

aku pasan yg kalu aku semnyum, pipi maikn naik ar.
makin tebam!!!!