Thursday, January 8, 2009

do you believe in 'best friend'?

Welcome again.Today, I would like to talk about best friend.This topic comes to my interest as since two days before, i managed to find my 'lost-friends' from school via Internet and pals thread.I am so happy to 'meet' them again and it reminds me of my time back to school.Some of them are even my best buddies from my primary school and continued to the secondary school.We are like best friend as it should be, eating together during recess, waiting for the bus at porch, gossipping,and those such thing.

Back to the topic, I was once a person who believed in the term 'best friend'.For me, best friend is like a close person that we hang out with, often talk to, and share everything with.It's kinda like that.Togetherness..if i can use this word.But now, I realized that, i don't have best friend in my life.I have no one that I share everything with, or talk to all the time, throughout my life.

And hey,,..I DO have close friends and cool buddies that come along with me, those who share the same table at eatery, same row in cinema seats, same jokes that we laughed at..and these people are amazing.It's just that the group sometimes different each time.The group is based on my environment.Flexible.

I'm talking this based on my experience.Maybe before this, i just confused the difference between close friend and best friend.Well, if you have a best friend, truly a best friend, consider yourself lucky!

Nevertheless, i am the believer in friendship forever.A good tight of relation between friends will be everlasting.I am sure you realized this too.Even if you lost contact with her or him for quite some time, you both can still talk together when meeting again.It' s a wonderful feeling..and I just feel it two days before!