Sunday, January 11, 2009

what do you want in your life

Salam and welcome.After a long hour responding to questions and comments on the current event that is happening right now, i finally have the time to write my new post here.I just want to tell you how much i feel sad about the war that is happening and as a human being, lets pray for the peace..

So for today's topic, i would like to talk about passion.What drives you in your life and how much you dedicate yourself into it?Let's talk about interest.Teenagers often develop many interest in life,( some might prefer it as hobbies) while they grow up.So many interests in life makes the focus divides.We claimed to love to do so many things and yet forget to instill passion and dedication to it.We are not clear about what we really want to do in our lives and putting efforts to it.

Yet, almost all of us living in the trial phase, where we try so many things and hoping for the time to decide will comes.Nevertheless, i had my time and i believe in some occasions, i still living in the phase.It's cool to be able to do all the things but it is more cool to do it well.No matter what and how much you want, every single thing need to be respected and done well.Just be fair and enjoy..

In our culture, study well is what the students (and parents) hope and passion about.In university, it is almost the same, because most want a high CGPA.Life is not about exams and marks.It's how you live your life.Having a passion triggers my life everyday.It forces a person living positively.Even passion about the life itself is worth to look for.

My passion is more on giving my best through writing.Advices, opinions and things like that.I passion about photography too.However, there's nothing more interesting in this world than my pc.hehe..i guess you should know.
Passion is not a hobby.It is what you want in your life.I'm dreaming of having my own production house, and did my interests suit my dream??