Monday, January 5, 2009

on my mark..

Living in this millennium era, communication media has become one of the greatest influence towards life.We are no longer depending on tomorrow newspaper or tonight news broadcast to know the latest news or event that happened around us.Just use your finger and click the mouse, the news come to us just in a minute of time.Internet has it all.Just like they say, the world is just a click away...

Being a person that loves writing, blog has given me a golden option to express my thoughts and opinions on certain topic or just anything.I remember myself writing a note, a letter on a piece of paper to my friends just to tell them how i live my day , that day.It was back at my school time, when blog is not a phenomena yet.Well, I do still keep all the notes and letters that I received, and for me..that is my memory.

However, even I am a person who prefers the conventional writing, there's nothing wrong to try this new approach because this is such a new experience.Sharing my thought through writing is one thing that i want to do and doing it digitally with blogging....AWESOME!