Monday, February 2, 2009

Cheers to you!

What a long days of break!

During the sem break, as ussual, i spent hours in front of tv watching my favourite tv shows back to back.As you all know, one of the best thing i enjoy is watching talk show. The one that i never miss (well..almost) is the oprah winfrey. One episode really cought my attention is the 'cheers to you'..

Let me brief a little bit. The episode celebrates the unsung heroes of everyday lives, of the ordinary people who did extraordinary thing in their lives.

There are many person brought the hot spot and one that I admire most is a woman (I can't remember her name), who pursuing her dream to become a medical doctor even though she is a grandma. Lets hear what she said..

..."I inspired to be a doctor by the amazing thing my mom's doctor did.I struggled hard in school just to be a doctor.But my dream stopped, as I get pregnant when i was 17.I felt terrible, and crushed not just my dream, but my family dream too.I did continue studying, as a mother and a student.Knowing that medical field is hard to take with 3 little kids and financial problem I had, I decided to study nursing. And yet, i successfully become a nurse..very close to my dream..

..But after my daughters get pregnant, and I look back at what I really want, it just feel not enough for me.With the loan USD160 000 I get,I send my application to Yale university and it was accepted.I was the only grandma in the class with all these young people..

...these coming weeks, I will grad and become a doctor.."

we all know medic is not that easy..
I hope you get inspired as well..


~ainun~ said...

biasanya..kalu dah tua..kita akan duk relex ja kat umah..
impian yg lepas2..biar terkubur ja..
nenek really,
one of a kind.....

green said...

hebat kn?ak pn rase doctor tu..ak yg bdak hayat ni dah lame kuburkn cita2 ak nak jadi doctor..mgkin da tue nanti ak amek medic kot..mane tau..