Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Starving student

 This term is so popular among student. Even for the rich one. For those who received scholarship, this is not really matter. Likewise, the basic thing is, it is not your money. However, for those who received loan or account money (like me), sometimes you still thinking, how fast your money flows and how easy it gets drowned.!

 Even I'm using my saving..(education insurance to be exact), and has no worry of debt after grad, maintaining pointer, or working with the company you owe, yet still, i found myself digging for penny, saving and stuff. You just know how bad does it feel to ask some money from parent, right? And that's exactly i want to avoid. I guess people get mature as they grow up.

 I get this info. from internet and i did add some, on tips to manage money for student.Some of you may have better ways..

1. be curent to pay your debt, as we can reduce the interest rate

2. less mobile phone usage..remember, it can be expensive!

3. don't rush your mind to invest money on big stuff like car and artsistic, updated and modern pc.

4, use the money for what it is for. do the priority list.

5. fashion and lebels can go later.

6. don't control your eating, just the place and the price. 

7. do business..(well i did..Wanna join??

 Life's like this..


~ainun~ said...

"For those who received scholarship, this is not really matter"
"maintaining pointer, or working with the company you owe"
aku terasa arr..huhu

nway..yg part less mobile phone usage tu..aku agree ssgat!

green said...

ohoho..jgn terase cik tulisan jaa..

muahahaha.. said... juga menyokong yg part mobile tu....
waaaa......nmpk nya bkn slh tokey topup...(cik dz kita)...huhu

nur anis said...

i am agree
but i dont know
my favourite food is maggi

green said...