Thursday, March 25, 2010



After competing with 60 clubs, college committee, social associations etc, my friends and I finally 'win' one tiny humble place in  'pesta konvo' and we'll be selling FLOWERS!!!.

Few days ago, Lan came to me and told this good news. He asked me to help him arrange those flowers and handle the logistic stuff.I don't mind, in fact this will be my exciting experience since i never involve in such activity before. I just can't wait. My mouth will be like a mynah, and the money, the fresh products to care, uhh..and I 'll get a closer approach during this coming convocation. Walllaaaa..

Erm, don't expect me to be in the shop for the whole day, huhu. Me and Max is working on shift and duty schedule right now.

The goal is to earn money for our November trip. I just want to learn and get the experience.

Selling flowers is one of the most profitable bussiness in convo fest, ya know. Lan did the calculation, checked with Mr Ishak, contact supplier...hopefully, we'll earn enough.



I'm can't wait but I am not excited that much since i have project presentation tomorrow, huhuhu..takutt. Still got few works to do, and my lecturer promise to provide Nasi Lemak during presentation day.Haha, Friday : last class for this sem, and next week is study week.What do you expect?? My classmates are planning to go back home early. Class will be like...Boring~~ Even my groupmate, Rupert has already reach home. Well, he is done with his part, so I guess it just me, Fung Ring and Gan Seng will present tomorrow.

I don't like class on Friday. Bahaha.

Hopefully, that nasi lemak will cheer us up. Cmon laaa, just few people left. Sunyi laa kelas nanti..

p/s : Miza kata "masa konvo aku nak bunga please.Aku nak bunga matahari yang ada kuaci.."Haha.


itisrajah said...

kakak bunga tulip ada?
make sure ada bunga tulip kuncup kaler kelabu.
sure will buy.
ade award utk kau di blog aku.
dtg amek, walaupon kita satu bilik.

laila said...

bestnya jual bunga
and bunga matahari yg ada kuaci?

sharamli said...

nnt kasi la aie bunga..hak3

green said...


laila..funny kan..hehe

sha..aie dah nak grad..ok br tau...ketinggalannyee....

'AQILAH said...

lol, kreatif sangat ni

@isHaH@but@lib said...

yc! nice blog u have here.
keep in touch yeah. btw,jual bunga confirm laku time convo.

ojato_marselo said...

hahaha..yela blog ko xde kene mengena nama ko..pas tu pic pon gambo ne nak tau..huhu..da2 da dtg ni+da follow+da komen..ngeh3

ojato_marselo said...

lgi 1 ..+ da click nuff utk ko lgi... =P

green said...


norex..thanx ye~~~

ojat..haha, mcm ni baru boleh jadi pak cik aku..hahaha..

green said...

ojatt..tipoo..nuff ak tak kuar lagi..
ye laa, t ak klik balik..haish..