Friday, July 10, 2009

We all pray..but how??


Last night was my free-meely-mingly time. Hehe. Guess what, I don't have class for the whole day on friday.So i decided to do web surfing on the internet. After a while, I stopped by at one social network site and began to 'see' my friends' and schoolmates' update. They are all growing up now. Not the same person I used to hang out with back in school. Feeling good just to know that they are doing fine..

Then, after several times of clicking, I end up at one of my senior page. I don't know him though..

Something caught my eyes.. The words, thoughts and knowledge he posseses, somehow amazes me. Form his site, there's a link to his blog on wordpress. And I read on and on..

You see, it's not about him that I want to tell, it's about the videos on his blog. about the difference in moslems, jews and christian prayer.. or maybe I should say the SImilARIty ???..

You see it yourself and take your time to think, maybe we are just the same..

Mmm...well, maybe not..

I'm not a scholar nor perfect.I'm just nobody with iman to grip, mind to think, heart to believe and wise...
Here, I just want to say that this post is for the purpose of sharing knowledge and information.I have no intention to justify your belief or else. Do tell me if you feel offended.

Have a nice day.


sharamli said...

tq 4 diz

p/s:xaci jumat free...

Anonymous said...

thank you for linking my page...

no problem....

ex-Samurian Batch 22

green said...

sharamli..jgn jeles begitu ;)

hatimukmin..u r welcome and once again, tq doctor..